Plantation Shutters in Brisbane – PVC & Aluminium Plantation Shutters

At TDM Glass & Aluminium, we are dedicated to using the best locally manufactured products on the market. The Infinity Shutters are a stylish and durable addition to any home or business. We provide two types of shutters, PVC Shutters and Aluminium Shutters. These are available in a modern range of colours to suit any decor.

The PVC Shutters reduce the risk involved with the shutters deteriorating in our Australian Climate, due to the strong intermolecular bonds. These strong bonds guarantee your shutters won’t crack or distort, and can weather throughout our cold winters and hot summers making them durable and cost effective.

The Infinity Shutters have a thermal component built into every blade, to assist in keeping the house cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Customers have been impressed by the improvement of the temperature control that the Infinity Shutters have given once installed into their home. This makes the shutters an ideal choice to make them environmentally friendly. The movable blades assist with adding light or diffusing light as required whilst adding an elegant way to increase the privacy in any room.

Our Aluminium shutters give the versatility of indoor or outdoor use. They are specifically designed to endure the external elements which makes them a perfect choice for your outdoor pergolas and entertaining areas of the home. The Aluminium Shutters are durable and are welcome choice for areas which experience large quantities of water contact. Even under high levels of water exposure these shutters are persevering to hold their original shape and won’t rust or deteriorate.

TDM Glass service, Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coast and as far west as Toowoomba and surrounding areas.

Please give us a call for your free Measure and Quote. Let us help you relax comfortably in your favourite space with a cup of coffee giving you the privacy and protection all year round from inclement weather.